Is this couple going to be thrilled when they find out that the house they just purchased is sitting on property poorly suited for the beautiful landscaping they envision? NO! And now its too late and they will have to spend MUCH MORE to achieve their desired landscape. If they had consulted with a landscape professional before they made this important buying decision; they would be on their way to the perfect house AND the perfect landscape. 

Don't make the mistake of buying property, with or without a building on it, that turns out to be a landscaping lemon.

Below are just a few of the potential gotchas lurking beneath your feet. Uncover them BEFORE its too late and before it costs you thousands of dollars to fix before you even get to the plants:

1.  Poor drainage
2.  Bedrock just below surface; soil so rocky you can't work it
3.  Invasive plants that refuse to leave
4.  Soil too poor to support plants
5.  Too little sunlight to support plants

Have the house inspected, but also have your property inspected to insure your investment is protected with a mangeable property as well.